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Welcome 2021

We are  open for you and your family in safety conditions

 This year is a good opportunity to take a vacation in the countryside that presents less risk for you and your Family.

Everything is done here so that you have an excellent stay alone as a couple or with your children.

Rental cottage in France, department of Haute-Saône. Ideal house for Nature lovers.

Located in a small village typical of the region, “Well Wishes” is a peaceful house you will recharge your batteries in contact with nature.

Satisfaction and Quality

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Stag’s slab 2021

Yesterday we spent a magical night in the middle of the woods, immersed in the mysterious sounds of the forest ...
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Cheeses of France

My choice for You : 5 FRENCH’S CHEESES/ How many cheeses are there in France? The figures around 400 seem ...
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gite haute saone vancances french holidays cottage
Rental cottage in France

A wishing well is a term from European folklore to describe a well who considered to have the ability to grant any wish.
The idea of a wish fulfilled comes from the idea that water sheltered deities, since it is a source of life and sometimes even a rare commodity.

Water is supposed to have healing powers. Some wells have even become known by people drinking water, bathing or simply making wishes.

In addition, some people believe that the keepers or inhabitants of the well would grant their wishes if they paid the price. After whispering the wish, one or more coins are usually thrown into the well. The caretaker or resident then makes this wish come true, depending on how the room would have landed at the bottom of the well. For example, throwing a coin into a well is usually lucky, although it depends on how it lands.

The tradition of throwing coins into ponds and fountains comes from there. Indeed, coins are given as gifts to the divinity to show fidelity.